Remember When We Sent Players to the World Cup?

Couple of things got me thinking. Just a general sense of looking back to when we were ace, but also the fact that I found these sticker albums online, but remember when we sent players to the World Cup, you'd have vested interest in games for the reason you wanted a Forest player to succeed.

Well here are some of those stickers from those days below. First up our triumvirate we sent to the England squad of 1990. In fact Webb was also in the squad, but had left a year before to play for Manchester United. Also in the England squad were Shilton and Woods, who both of course were former players.

Next, and it really is possible to see the start of the evolution of a foreign influx into the game, comes the USA 94 players. Bryan Roy we signed during the competition. Lars Bohinen of course was there with Norway, before Haaland used to feature for them. And Andrea Silenzi. Although we signed him a year later, it's still interesting to see he was in the squad,so I included him too. Had England qualified we certainly would have sent Pearce along, who knows maybe Collymore.