One Month After We All Knew, Adebola Leaves

It is ridiculous that at the time people shouted this down saying it's not official,despite every quality news source carrying it,but one month (May 24th was when we wrote about it, and we weren't exactly claiming an exclusive)Dele Adebola has sealed his deal with Hull.

Why anyone doubted it I am unsure. They always have to wait till this time to officially sign with their new club anyway, anyone who plays Football Manager knows that, and anyone who remembers the way we signed Adebola should know that. That deal was known for 2 months before anyone officially admitted it had gone through. My greatest memory of Dele will be his complete inability to control Lee Camps punt up field away at Cardiff and bumbling the ball to McGugan to show him how its done from range. Cheers Dele.

Anyway, he is largely expected to be joined by Paul McKenna at Hull in ex Forest dads army on Humberside. That of course is similarly one of footballs worst kept secrets and will out shortly.

In other news, Nialle Rodney is currently on trial at Bradford, who were apparently shocked we had released the guy, despite him being 20,only played a few games,and not doing lots on loan in League 2. Maybe there's a reason Bradford keep struggling.

In other "interesting" news, big Hamza Bencherif has signed for Notts County. What with Westcarr also being there I am expecting them to sign Ross Gardner and Pascal Formann any day now