Billy's Reign Ends

I've not always been Billy Davies, the man, biggest fan. However as a manager there is no doubting his credentials. All week I have thought about posting my views on the situation surrounding Davies at Forest,with the Evening Posts article calling for him to be backed or sacked. I was going to laugh at it and point out that the club would surely have sacked him already if they were going to. Shows what I know.

It does seem strange to have waited till now, which makes me wonder if the club have asked for assurances from Billy that he didn't intend to leave to the likes of Cardiff and didn't get that assurance. That's pure conjecture though, it may just be the old thing of him rubbing the board the wrong way.

And its that reason that I won't miss Davies too much.His constant battles with the board. Most of us know at work that you don't publicly question your bosses and expect to stay in a job. That's what Davies has done repeatedly, and no matter what you say on him doing the business on the field, to have someone with such contempt for authority in charge is never going to be easy.

We have come close twice now,personally I'd have given Davies this third year, and told him if we fail,your contract won't be renewed. It risks that if we're successful he'd walk, but it might be a good incentive to get a new deal. I honestly thought he'd get that new deal regardless and it shows the cut throat nature of this sport.

But Doughty has said in the past that he liked having a manager who doesn't see eye to eye,it shows ambition and it shows fire. Additionally Doughty has always backed his man, past the point fans want the boss out. And indeed, back in August an September, there were many voices angry with the sluggish start blaming Davies.

Perhaps the relationship ran its course, and its time for both to go their separate ways. This season might have been a bridge to far for the Reds with Davies, and afresh face might get some impetus. Davies obviously isn't a man that the board want to trust with money. And a new man, (McLaren maybe) might be more inclined to work with the transfer panel, and hell it might work better. Davies is very much his own man,and when presented with perfectly reasonable transfer targets he didn't recommend he refused them, like with George Boyd. So maybe it might just work in the clubs favour.

But all of this is mindless speculation for now I salute you Billy, and thanks for a firey two and half years where we came close. I may have moaned abut you,I was fed up with the eternal Billy-isms he used. But he was successful and will be missed.

Now we have the prospect of a new man and it looks like it will be a quick appointment