Barnes and Reid

Barnes and Reid sounds like a firm of Accountants, but it is fact the latest transfer gossip to emanate from twitter, facebook and assorted other blogs.

It seems mostly conjecture. Both are clubless, both have Forest links and Forest need players. But these two rumours are proving hard to shake off, so maybe, just maybe,there is something to them.

Both would be interesting, though I do think both also represent risks. Reid still struggles with weight and has hardly done much in the last couple of years, save for move about it and not settle anywhere. It might be his star has faded, and we end up with a make weight in the squad. We all know what he can do, but it's a case of does he want to?

Barnes is still young, and was a former academy kid before heading to Derby. He was brightly tipped a few years ago before injury ravaged his early career. Less of a risk than Reid, he might just prove be a bit of shrewd business for the Reds.

It has been mentioned by some this is a done deal to be announced when the window opens tomorrow, though more reliable channels on Twitter (David Jackson of Matchtalk fame) said they expect any deals to be announced next week if they do come to fruition.