Speculation Rife on Davies Future

Ok, so I was half thinking of leaving this article and just waiting to see what happened. But for one I am busy tomorrow and I want to vent my spleen now.

The speculation is absolutely rife on Twitter, Facebook and forums that Mr William McIntosh Davies will no longer be the manager of Nottingham Forest come tomorrow.

This is based on, well a lot of things to be honest. A long drawn out host of reasons. Stretching back way before this season.

Twitter is alive with gossip right now that Davies is second favourite for the West Ham job. His odds have dropped heavily to 4/1 or 5/1 depending on the various bookies behind Sam Allardyce, and with some sites behind Chris Hughton. West Ham have revealed they have offered the job to a manager with Premier League and Championship experience, all three fit the bill.

However where Davies differs, and here's the crux, is that the other two are out of work and would therefore cost nothing, whereas we would demand compensation. What with West Ham apparently being in a bit of a pickle financially this would point to the two cheaper options. Additionally the odds were similar for Preston's job when that became available, and we all know what happened then, he stayed!!

Additionally is the fact that West Ham are possibly even worse than Forest for tight purse strings and for retaining board level control of financials than Forest, which Billy wouldn't like. And as much as Davies might dislike Arthur and Doughty, does the prospect of Gold, Sullivan and Brady really entice anyone?

And furthermore remember the old thing about Davies going off up to Scotland regularly? Well would he really move further away from there? Admittedly it wouldn't take MUCH longer on a plane from London than Heathrow, but the fact remains.

Despite all these valid reasons why Davies wouldn't go, are equally valid reasons as to why we would. Davies might well jump before being pushed, a la David Platt. The board are umming and ahhing about what to do, so this just make take that decision out of their hands and make it look like our man was poached rather than essentially having his hand forced.

There are those at board level who dislike Davies and have pushed for his dismissal before apparently. Those people will be lurking once again advising Mr Doughty that this summer is the perfect opportunity to get more of a Yes Man in than the Scot.

The silence from the club can be read either way depending on your outlook. They have admittedly neither backed him, nor have they acted to remove him, which usually, and I stress usually,is done sooner after the season than now. However they haven't also come out an said yes he is our man for now, we will back him. That speaks volumes too, that they they are debating what to do. That might signify they were hoping this situation is exactly what would happen.

But we all know how media savvy Billy is,and he ha gladly uses it at every opportunity. Surely, surly surely he would have used the press to push fora contract. Or suggested as he did last year he would be up for a bigger better job like he did when the Celtic job was linked last summer.

The truth is we simply don't know. Twitter, Forums and Facebook love to live on gossip and speculation. So right now half the fans on there are all busy posting rumour and counter rumour.I neither suggest either likelihood. I don't know. I don't pretend to know (although I did comment last week he was set to sign a new deal) No-one knows other than Messrs Davies, Doughty, Arthur and maybe just maybe, Gold and Sullivan.

*****Having initially written this I have just thought, that I swear West Ham also said they wanted someone who knows London and the people there, which would indicate Chris Hughton, ahead of Davies or Allardyce.*****