So Much For the West Ham Rumour

Don't like to be a told you so, but I did say I really can't see that one coming off for a multitude of reasons. But it is all academic now Allardyce has the job.

This is the problem at this time of the season. There is so little else to focus on in terms of matches and analysis of games pre and post match that all the focus goes on mindless speculation.

And honestly this really was mindless. It was adding 2 + 2 and coming up with something akin to 27.

Hopefully this can all now be put to bed. No news in my opinion means no change. Many fans have demanded to be let know, but why? That's only the case if something will change, and then the same people demanding to know will be in uproar.

If Davies was going to be replaced that would surely have happened by now, like with Cardiff. The meeting that was so heavily discussed was long ago enough now that any fallout would have been leaked or resulted in Billy's departure.

This whole back him or sack him campaign was quite funny, in so far as you either want money spent on him or to be replaced completely?I get that people want to know the future of the club but to claim that we have a right to know is strange. I've spent a lot of money in Amazon too, or HMV etc and I don't demand to know the future of their brands, so the we pay for the tickets argument is a little crass. It's just that as fans we get so involved, that we start to think that this is more than a business. But essentially these decisions being made are on business reasons. Balancing books is as important as results. We could have splashed cash yeah, but then we could have screwed the longevity of the club.

People always counter that with someone else would just come in, but that might be someone like at Derby who asset strip the club completely. Much better be run on a sound future footing.

Also there was a lot of moaning about the Tyson situation that apparently the deal was only made via the post,countered by the club today saying that Tyson had changed agent and not informed the club. Is Tyson making excuses to make it look he's forced out? I expect so. But there is a part that the club didn't want him anyway so I assume we also made a derisory offer.

It also might mean Earnie and Moussi have been offered deals.

So yeah an article about Billy's future ended up as a rumours round up