So Grant Holt is a Premier League Captain...

Norwich City have achieved promotion to the Premier League, for which I congratulate them, which they achieved with former Red Grant Holt as their captain. I on the one hand applaud Holt for making a success of himself post Forest, but I can't wondering how did this all happen.

I was somewhat of a Grant Holt fan I will admit. However I never for one moment thought he was a Championship quality striker, never mind a potential captain of a top flight team. But that is what looks likely. It will also see him playing in all four English divisions in consecutive seasons, which a wonderful feat to achieve

When we sold Holt to then Shrewsbury, I thought it was a wise move, it did seem like he was a solid League One striker but looked unlikely to be able to make that step up. Indeed he made a step down after leaving us, with little or no interest from elsewhere. Indeed Holt on his loan with Blackpool in 2008, he played 4 games and never scored.

Some have pointed to the fact that Calderwood played Holt out of position as a winger. That is of course true, Holt has proven himself to be the traditional big man up front over the course of his career. This does make you wonder what Calderwood was playing at. I know there was a clash of personalities between the two, Calderwood continually attempting to ship Holt out of the club.

Since going to Norwich, Holt was (according to Wikipedia) scored 44 goals in 81 games. That's a handy record, admittedly with a season in League One, but for Forest in that division he scored 21 in 96 games. Therefore he must have been failing to implement the big man as best required.

When Norwich were promoted last season I don't think most saw them succeeding at this level,never mind having Grant Holt leading them there from the front-line. All this at the now age of 30,which will be an old age for a player of his ilk making his Premier League debut.

Reading back on the forum from when we sold Holt,no-one was too bothered. This quote summing up what some fans thought
I for one, am very glad about this ...I've really disliked his approach to the game for so long....and i was gutted when he said he will be given a go in the championship! but now....(no offense to Shrewsbury) him signing for a league two side..( i think?) really shows how poor he really is! hopefully we got our money back for what we paid for least! but surely now we gonna buy someone....i think omerod....but we need someone younger....quicker... what do you guys think?

It makes me wonder if there truly is a club for every player where he can do so much more. Before Forest Holt was a journeyman, but finally it looks like he may have settled somewhere. Our loan player Kris Boyd reminds me a lot of Holt, in that they have a similar build and stature. However one has secured a place in the Premier League, whilst the other is not.