Seconds Out...Round 2

So the first leg has come and gone, and though we all feel we should have done better, we are in this tie.

Those fans of other teams who enjoy attempting to wind up Forest, they say that was our best chance and we will get turned over. But lets remember that second legs and Forest in the playoffs don't go to plan. They don't follow form books. And they don't make sense.

We have to go for it, there's no two ways about that, but we still have to be careful. Had we had a lead I fear we would simply have tried to defend it. And if we did that and invited Swansea onto us, well we would probably get stuffed.

No-one gives us a hope outside of the club. That's fine with me. I'm used to being wound up now with a taunt of "Nottingham Forest F***ed it up again. at least time we have never had that period of ascendancy.

The pressure is off. At half time it is all to play for. We know very well we can beat anyone on our day, and if we have Moussi and Findley back that could be something to tip the balance. Findley is largely an unknown quantity still to us,so never mind opposing defences. I think it would certainly be worth the risk should he be passed fit. What we have been told and what I saw at the World Cup is that he has frightening pace. Added to the fact Earnshaw has been terrible of late,with some awful finishing or greedy play when passing might be better than shooting.

Swansea may freeze a little, nervous that everything is expected of them. They will be confident. At the moment it is unsure whether Taylor will be back. The man who was sent off correctly, is having his red card appealed. To the Welsh FA. How is this fair, of course they will push it through. Borini may be out with the injury that forced him off. That would be good as he his a dangerous striker.

What we have to remember is that there are 90 minutes, maybe 120 to play. It is all to play for


  1. Never a truer word spoken....Totally agree, pressure off and remember a 1-1 draw would do us :-) C'mon you Redddddds.


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