The Rollercoaster Ride is about to Begin

Here we go Reds fans. Here I am 3 and a half hours before kick off, and a game that hasn't made me nervous yet just kicked in. It doesn't help all the various articles going up about our past playoff capitulations. Sky and the BBC will be dying for us to do something similar again, because by now viewers know Forest + Playoffs = excitement and heartache, the very bed rock the Playoffs are built on.

But unlike the past two times we are the underdog. We aren't the ones to beat. I like this feeling more than how we ere before. Also this time if we are 2 up after the first leg, I won;t be as brashly confident as to pay my deposit for the mini bus to Wembley and curse our promotion bid like I did after the first leg of the Yeovil game.

The last time we snuck in the playoffs as the last team, it barely registered tome.I was on the other side of the world. Of curse I knew the first leg score and how we had done, I had been checking this via the net and via texts. But no,there I was at 5.30am ish in the back on a mini bus off to pick olives somewhere in deepest Victoria, Australia receiving texts telling me of our triumph...and then our capitulation. I was so tired I didn't care.Plus it saved me a head ache of trying to find the game on TV somewhere... anywhere it may have been.

But this time, I go into this thinking anything is a bonus.We are against the best team in the playoffs. We don't have second leg home advantage. I also know there is going to be to quote Billy's favourite terms, "twists and turns" I know this. I will hate it,I will love it,and I going to it happily knowing the stress will probably shave a number of weeks may be months off my life. It's a good job I'm not dark haired so as to show more grey hairs that would surely appear.

Anyway, so tonight and Monday will be needlessly stressful.I know this. But I'll still embrace it.