Billys Lawyer and Rank Bad Journalism

I was going to avoid the whole charade surrounding Billy Davies and his latest gambit of wanting journalists attending the press conference pre game against Swansea to speak to his lawyer before the press conference. This isn't the first time Billy has played this game.

Forest fans are now more than used to our manager behaving in this manner. To us it's barely newsworthy any more. OK Davies is acting up again, so what, he always does, this is his modus operandi.

It seems this has upset some though, obviously put out at the fact they won't be able to ask what they want, an have started conspiratorial whispers about why this may be.

Apparently, off the agenda will be Davies relationship with Doughty. Again this isn't new news. We have heard about this a lot during the campaign. Journo's constantly trying to scratch the surface and get to the bottom of why they may not see eye to eye.

But lets be honest, who always does see eye to eye with their boss? There is also a nature of questioning something has been done or not done often in the case of Forest transfers. It's human nature to question this kind of thing.

Yet there is this inherent desire to create something out of nothing here. The simple fact is to me is that Davies wants to focus on the game. Other stories can wait till this merry-go-round that is the play-offs has been and gone. Keep the players focus on the matter in hand and not on what else may be. The journalists are playing into his hand.Chasing the titbits he has thrown them in their insatiable desire for a scoop.

I'll be honest, I haven't been Davies biggest fan this season. Earlier this season I questioned his commitment and whether we should retain him. I admit, happily, he has proved me wrong.I now see the game he is playing with the media. His methods and questionable quotes often result in a better performance by the Reds. The players it seems are keen to impress Davies and up their game when their backs are against the wall. And that is exactly where we are now. So it's Billy Davies kidology again.

Lets make no mistake. If Davies managed another club I would probably detest the man. He infuriates me with many of his quotes. Some of his unsporting behaviour. The way he always sends the player being substituted to stand on the opposite wing when we are winning so as to maximise time wasted. The time I saw him instruct the ball balls to not retrieve the balls quickly for the opposition another case.

And it seems he rubs other managers the wrong way. Dave Jones comments after we beat Cardiff away that Blackstocks horrific injury was "just another thing for Billy Davies to moan about" and Grayson was not best pleased with Davies either after the non-Battle of Elland Road. That and Phil Brown sprinting into our technical zone to rub it in Davies face when Preston equalised late on. However, these managers are also widely vilified too

All this said, look at Davies record. He doesn't fail. And for that he has my full support in whatever game he is playing with the media. Now they will write about what's he trying to do, write about his relationships. What they won't do is now distract the players by actually talking about the game, and Davies can get their heads right for two gargantuan games.