Gunter Dropped Rather Than Rested?

It has been suggested tome by a usually reputable source that it is fact the case that Chris Gunter is not "tired" or "jaded" as previously suggested by the club but has been fact dropped.

There are two schools of thought where the real reason for his sudden demotion to the bench, (aside from being deployed as an emergency left back) One is simple. Gunter wants to move to a bigger club.It has been suggested a few bigger clubs are sniffing around him. Should we fail to get promoted it looks likely the right back will be off. There will be plenty of suitors for still a young international right back.

The second suggestion is that Gunter has been dropped for speaking out of turn. This to me seems likely. Gunter is an emotional character. He is often one of the first players to be embroiled in any skirmish on the pitch, and isn't averse to putting his nose into other business on the pitch.

Where this differs is that it apparently he has been (rightly or wrongly) complaining about many of team mates efforts and work rates. McGugan and McCleary singled out particularly and also Majewski. Now I don't know how accurate this information is, but in the past this source has usually been on the mark.

McGugan has certainly picked up his act lately, but to suddenly have Moloney in every game,and with McKenna playing anew wider role to protect him more might well explain a few things, rather than simply a change of tactics.

Is this Billy cutting his nose to spite his face again to save team morale (think Wilson) or a wise move. Certainly you don't want a player in there who may be unsettling morale at this crucial time, and if Gunter is creating ripples of tension by openly questioning team mates then it may explain his elongated absence for simple exhaustion.

Food for thought certainly.