Complete Sticker Set - Super Players 96

In the first of what I hope to 'be a new series, we are featuring sets of stickers from days gone by. Partly as a nice piece of nostalgia, but also it's quite funny too.

Click the pic above fora bigger version

First up is the Super Players 96 set. This series is noteworthy because all the players shirts were replaced with blank generic blue coloured in jobs, presumably down to some trademark thing. Also it features a picture of Steve Chettle that isn't Steve Chettle, No idea who it in fact is,Colin Copper is also missing. Presumably the pictures were all taken in a pre season game he was missing. I mean they do have Vance Warner there though, it looks like they might think he's a keeper, and I'm not fully convinced it's Vance Warner either by the way. Des Lyttle also appears to be missing