Cohen Ban Upheld

As speculated the FA have decided to uphold Cohen's ban. This is hardly a surprise. I don't think may of us thought we would get much change out of the FA. I assume the club thought as much too and that most of it was posturing. Showing we didn't agree, and will show we think so. Sweet F.A never had more resonance

The fact that since yesterdays article, I have seen that a number of the national press came to the same conclusion it wasn't a red card, but the FA can't be seen to questioning referee's integrity, especially the likes of the Mark Halsey,a premier league referee somehow slumming it for a game in the Football League,how can we have the audacity to question such a figure?

Why have a respect the referee campaign when when a referee makes a mistake he isn't punished or it reversed, and the law makers in suits stick their heads in the sand and pretend nothing happened.

I applaud the club for appealing, it had to be done to show no, we don't agree and we will let you know we don't. If they want people to respect referee's, get decent ref's.

If the FA had reversed this decision it admits there are faults, it admits the game was essentially voided a a match,and they don't want to admit that yes, their referee's are costing teams. Decisions equal their way out over a season, so just let us have our man,and not have him banned, I'm sure we'll see a dodgy red for an opposing team.

IF, and that's a a big IF, Davies was to lose his job at the end of the season for not making the playoffs ( I don't think such a thing would occur, just pure speculation) and it was by 1point or 2. May be even goal difference, it would almost be worth seeing if there is some legal action worth taking, saying that their negligence to do their job correctly resulted in him being fired from his job. Long shot I know.