Wilson Told to Stay Away

The news emanating from Twitter is that apparently the club have told Kelvin Wilson to stay away from the club and the City Ground.

Following Wilson signing for Celtic,it appears that the Reds, rather than cash in on him in January, decided to leave Wilson to rot for having the temerity to sign for another club. Forest could have made some money out of the deal, but opted to punish the Nottingham born defender.

I am slightly perplexed as to why we may have effectively thrown away around £250,000 to basically act pig headed and punish a player. OK, we want to send a message to our players to stay loyal, and you don't really want a player with no long term vested interest hanging around making the dressing room uneasy but it smacks of unprofessionalism of the highest order.

I had heard that Davies didn't want to see him go to Celtic, with his strong Rangers connections and that is in part the reasoning, as well as punishing Wilson.

It also finally seems to confirm that Wilson hasn't been injured, but this merely a cover story for this hole sorry childish charade