Forest Need to Regain Their Nerve in Run In

The run in is going to be a vital time for Forest. The Reds form has imploded and this has left us teetering on the brink of failing to make it into the play offs.
Considering everything Billy said last year, and has continued to say this year, that would be a failure. This team has not gone backwards. All we did was sell Perch who was a fringe player anyway, and a very much maligned one at that.

Confidence seems to be shot. A losing mentality has set in on Trentside, this has to be reversed. The fans have started to turn and get on the players backs rather than support and cheer on. We have seen this all before of course. In the Calderwood days more so than most.

Not making the play offs would be seen by many fans as a disaster. And fingers will be pointed both at Doughty and Davies. The usual mob, who will always blame Doughty regardless will crawl out the woodwork once again, claiming where all sorts of investment should have been made. Then there are those who will be fed up of Davies moaning, and the fact he seems to have no plan B when things aren't going right, which was a criticism always levelled at Calderwood.

The truth is, it will be a shaky 2 months till the end of the season. We have some very big games, and we need some very big performances. Rather than implode we need to regroup, refocus and rebuild our promotion push. And re-find that bottle Cohen's looking for above