Billy Wants New Deal

Ok, so most might have read this news elsewhere, we don't profess to be the cutting edge of news reporting.

Billy Davies has prompted the board to offer him a new deal now, by pointing to Sunderland's example of offering Steve Bruce a new better longer deal ahead of his present contract expiry.

He has of course pointed to his own successful record with the Reds, and how with a year of his deal left, would like to offered a new deal himself.

Now,I for one applaud Billy's record, and the fact that we would like to extend his stay with the club. However, why bring this out into the public. Again, he is using the press to get his own gains with the board. I have no doubt the board realise what a good manager Billy is and in due course will offer a deal without Billy attempting to curry the fans favour behind him against the evil fascist board once again..

I am sure they will review the situation come the end of the season and whichever action they see fit, which would be a new deal now, or the risky new deal later.

The question becomes is this the security of a longer deal with the Reds,or the security tha the knows we have aboard who keep the purse strings tight and knows therefore they'd be unlikely to pay off his contract,

The one thing apparent in all this is though that Billy obviously wants to stay. That for one is good news after the question marks over the Celtic job and him in the summer.


  1. Davies should get promotion before putting his hand out. The Board should reward success, not failure.


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