All Quiet on the Forest Front

Some say no news is good news. In this case it's a statement of a fact. There is literally next to nothing emanating from City Ground right now,and as a Forest blogger this is not the ideal situation. When there is transfer gossip galore you can barely keep me off here writing about my various thoughts of deals or reporting who we are after.

The Emergency Loan window has come and gone, I don't think anyone expected us to business yesterday, and lo and behold!!! We didn't. We did get Boyd in I guess, a move I am still largely indifferent on. He hasn't done anything to annoy me, hell, he scored a goal, but on the other hand it was hardly exciting news that we are paying £30k a week to a man who looks like he spends most of it on keeping Fray Bentos in business.

What I think we could have done with is a new right winger, or any winger, or some creativity. Anderson is simply not good enough. He can't take anyone on, can't cross,all he can do is run a lot. McCleary as much as I love him is not the player we need to take us up. Majewski, well all I can think is that we got some secret poorer twin brother sent over from this summer onwards as he's been poor. McGugan since Christmas has looked back to his usual self, ie. ball greedy, shooting horrendously and generally giving an aura of someone phoning in his performances till he gets his"BIG" move.

So yeah, in those areas I would liked to have seen some movement. The strikers have all seemingly decided that scoring goals isn't for them so won;t do that any more save for Adebola. Lets remember McGoldrick promised us 15 goals this year and I know people will point out how can do that when he's not playing, well he has to be good enough to get into the team first, which he isn't by the way. I've been frustrated at not being able to see Findley yet though, anyone who's an international for a tea in the world cup must be better than what we have even despite many Americans protestations that he's actually useless.

All in all this has been a cathartic experience for me. Venting my anger at the team,rather than booing relentlessly at the ground. You may notice the defence and Camp got off scot free. Yeah because they have been a rock all year