Tshaba Forest Transfer Update

Well, there has been an interesting twist in the story connecting Siphiwe Tshabalala with Forest.
Today a story has come out of a South African site saying that it's all tied up for a June move to the Reds,as Tshaba wants to see out the season in South Africa and win the league with Kaizer Cheifs.
Kickoff.com, an African football website quoted Tshaba (I am not typing his name out everytime) as saying "I am excited to have passed the trial, and will be looking forward to making a good start when I return here in a few months time," as he was boarding a flight to Johannesburg from Heathrow.
There has been nothing coming from Forest yet about this and it would surprise me for us to be setting up deals for players when we don't know what division we will be playing in.
However it does seem to be a positive move if true, and it shows that the player does seem to care about making his mark, and isn't just anyold mercenary.
However,I have no idea about how trustworthy this source is, so it may need to be taken with a truckload of salt.


  1. well lets hope its true .. now defence cover and midfield


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