Time to End the Pride Park Hoodoo

Colin Cooper, who scored last time Forest beat Derby

It has been along long time since Forest won away at Derby. 1994 was the last time. A team containing Collymore, Cooper and Stone won 2-0 at the old Baseball Ground.
16 years is too long. We have largely been in the same division over the years.And the away match at Derby has often lent much pain.
I for instance remember having to sit in the home end and watch Horacio Carbonari score a late late winner. That was possibly the lowest point in my days following the Reds.
The infamous coffee cup moment for Barry Roche also springs to mind.
But the one game that does stick out is a draw that somehow felt like a victory. The Stuart Atwell game. I mention his name because the referee was at the core of a lot that went on that day. Was it a penalty? It was certainly funny seeing a fully legitimate goal being ruled out for an innocuous handball. In funnier still when Camp saved Barazite's penalty.And then even better when that corner resulted in a goal that was disallowed for reasons that still confuse me to this day.
That was draw plucked from not just the jaws, but deep down the throat of defeat.
But now it has to end. We all thought it would last year wit our amazing run of away form. Riding high in the Championship, it is arguably at Derby where it all began to unravel and Forest went on an appalling run of away form.
Away form we seem to have turned around, and how better then to stamp our promotion credentials than surely bursting into the top 6 with a win at our most unfriendly of rivalries.
Make no mistake Derby will be hurting from that -2 defeat. Savage will be out to make a point, but we have no doubt got the better quality. We know to ell that f you let Commons play, he will punish. But our tails are up. What a time to rid ourselves of this long line of painful away day memories.
This Saturday will hopefully see us beat the Rams, cement us in the top 6, and exorcise many bad memories.