Remember Them?... Brett Williams

In this next instalment of our series on the many possibly forgotten players of Forest recent past we look at Brett Williams.

Brett Williams will never be regarded as a hero or a legend for playing in Red. In over 8 years at the club he never broke 50 appearances, but had many a loan spell away from the club. The problem was he was a left back who came through the academy at the same we had another perfectly good left back. And when II say perfectly good I mean Stuart Pearce.
He was always to play second fiddle to Psycho, filling in when he was either injured or suspended.
A native of the West Midlands, he broke into the first team squad in 1985 amassing 11 appearances in that season. It would be the most games he would ever play in a season for Forest, and only bettered during a loan spell at Hereford in the 1989-90 season.
He never scored in his Forest career. Unlike Pearces rampaging runs forward, he was a more defensive full back. He was notable for having a moustache. Even more a rarity now, but in that time there were few players had them.
It must have been a blessing and a curse at times. Never really getting a chance to shine, even if he had the best form of his career, Pearce as club captain and talisman would always replace him as soon as he was fit. But what a player to be understudy too. But then he was never ever near the class of Pearce, or many of the players. Williams was only ever a stop gap to fill inhere and there and was never really regarded as anything more.
Its testimony to this that after his Forest career ended he dropped all the way down to Arnold Town in whatever division it was thy played in back in 1993, when really he should have been at his career peak.
However despite all his limitations he did serve the club for a period of 8 years at a time that we were one of the top teams in the country. That is not be sniffed at. And that is why we feature him today. Because anyone under the age of 25 will be barely aware he ever existed.
Brett Williams played 43 times for Forest, but never scored a goal.