Bertrand Will Not Be Staying

Initial reports are suggesting that Ryan Bertrand's loan will not be extended beyond it's current deal. Conflicting reports are suggesting a number of reasons, with no real unanimous interpretation
On the one hand is that Forest have offered a price for the left back, that in no way shape or form mirrors what Chelsea want for Bertrand.This will no doubt add fuel to the anti Transfer Panel brigade who will see this once again as the board blocking Billy's grand scheme for the team.However we have no real data about what Chelsea want, or indeed what we offered. At the end of the day, we don't want to pay over the odds for a player, just because he's Billy's plan A.
Another story doing the rounds is that this is Chelsea request. Obviously in the midst of their slump they are going to evaluate and need all players, or maybe that signals the belief Ancelotti will soon be out and that any new manager would want to review all his playing staff.
I have read varying reports on Twitter and forums who seem to point blame in every direction. The board, Davies, Chelsea, and even Bertrand himself, which seems rather bizarre.
The truth is though, we can' simply blindly pay whatever a club wants for a player. Chelsea are in turmoil and if reports are to believed are curtailing their spending. Therefore might see the sale of Bertrand as a good source of revenue to channel elsewhere.
On the other hand there are vast numbers of words being written and spoken in blogs, articles and forums, and even podcast's about Chelsea's collapse this season and were the blame for this should lie. Some have spoken of older players being burnt out, and the fact the likes of Ashley Cole are not being rested. This may point to Chelsea looking to rest him by using other players available, and that now includes Ryan Bertrand.
But no doubt the finger pointing will go on. Billy will bemoan his targets not being attained and how this questions the whole promotion race.On the other hand,maybe just maybe, Chelsea have other plans and don't want to sell. We know which side Billy will spin.
What it does mean is that we will have to look longer for that most holy and rare of items. A decent left back. That or play Julian Bennett there!!!