Why I Love Ian Woan

by Libertine

Well, Ian Woan, What. A. Player. Growing up I was obsessed with him, a proper left winger, with a great left peg and that bit of flair that all youngsters love to see.

Woan was the kind of player you could always hope for that moment of magic, a curling left footed free kick, a shaped cross right onto someones head...

Of course, when discussing Woan, one thing always leaps out, THAT game against Spurs in The FA Cup. Two of the best free kicks I have seen in a Forest shirt. The second being one of the best free kicks I have seen period.

How Ian Woan never played for England, I will never know. At a time when we really struggled for left wingers, we had a natural left footer capable of winning a game. It must have been his percieved lack of work rate that held him back.

After around 1996 Woan seemed to hit decline, whilst still a good player he never really managed to perform at the same level. He eventually left the club in 2000 and slowly drifted into obscurity. Since then, he has forged himself as a well respected coach and would seem to have plenty more to offer the game, many a youngster could learn a lot by examining the technique posssessed by Woan.

There are few Forest players that I have held in such high regard as Ian Woan, what we would give to have him on the left wing now....