Progress Report...Pre Christmas

So we are on the cusp of Christmas which people always seem to decide is a make or break period time of the season. We did the last report 2 months ago 10 games into the season. Now we should have played 21 (but have played 19) I feel this is more than a decent time for this.
We lie comparatively low in 15th place, but this is only due to missed games. Had we won just won of the two games in hand then we could lie on the cusp of the playoffs. Had we won both, which is more than possible, then we could be in the actual playoffs. Especially as everyone had a blip in form this weekend bar Leeds.
So we could in theory be doing very well, but not in actual concrete figures yet. The one huge bonus of the season is the renaissance of Lewis McGugan, who has been like a new signing. He's either a world beater or anonymous with little mid ground. However his goalscoring exploits are a one man goal of the season competition.
Dexter Blackstock's injury is an obvious downside to the season. The ending of his season means however we may be forced to actually make a signing.
The Leicester defeat hurt somewhat, especially as it was a game that was there for the taking and in the midst of a handy run. However I think most of us would have taken 3 points out of that and the Cardiff match, not even imagining that we would win down in Wales.
If we had won the said cancelled games, and had been in top 6 every single one of us would be elated, however there does remain the divisive issue of Mr Billy Davies. He has annoyed and thrilled fans in equal measure. So many support him in the fact we need investment, and although I don't agree with Davies methods I wouldn't turn down investment. However his methods are highly annoying to me. His constant use of the media to put his message across only serves to make morale worse. If he kept it all within the club, then fans wouldn't be divided and would get behind the team. By putting it out in the media, and attempting to essentially bully the board into action by shifting all blame in the fans and chief bill payers eyes onto them it forces their hand. Again I make it clear I would welcome new signings, but they need to be thought out and planned, not just blindly accepting Billy's word for it. And Billy needs to respect that their is the Acquisition panel, it was there before he came in so he can't bemoan its existence.
However all this being said we are 2/3 payers away from a very good team. If we can keep Bertrand longer, and maybe get Ramsey to stay till March or so we should be laughing. The class he will hopefully offer will be amazing. Also remember we have Bennett and Garner returning from loans, and although neither did well on loan, it offers strength in depth and an option from the bench.
The only grey cloud on the horizon is Wilson is looking like he is off. This is very bad news as he is our best defender. But if he wants out, then let him go, having a player who doesn't want to be here is only going to be detrimental for the season.
Now all we have to do is beat those teams we have the games in hand over, and make sure that we beat Derby in Christmas week. By then, I assume we will be 4th, maybe 5th ready to kick on in the new year, and avoid a late season slump like last season. I also would very much like to avoid the playoffs, so second place or better please boys.