My Favourite Away Day... Manic Loop

Forum user Manic Loop discusses his favourite away day he's ever been on

Manchester City 0 - 3 Nottingham Forest

Jan 3rd 2009

I've never really been the happy party in a giant killing before. I'd been to the fateful F.A Cup Round 5 defeat at Chesterfield in 199-whenever it was and from pretty much after that point had no care for the cup. Couple that with the 1991 Final defeat and yeah, the F.A Cup has been bad for me, so I somewhat foolishly decided to go to this one. I had tried for Chelsea tickets back when we played them and not got them, these were comparatively easy to get hold of. It was also slightly tricky to get shot of the tickets I had bought, the general consensus amongst my friends was "why would I pay all that money to go and see get thrashed." And i Could see their point. We we were not exactly setting the world alight back in the Championship, hovering in or around the drop zone. The now infamous Boxing Day defeat to Doncaster had seen Calderwood ousted, so we'd be facing a stern challenge away with a caretaker boss and a squad who up till then we're incapable of beating Championship teams, never mind the "richest club in the world."
Needless to say I think all of us knows what happened that day, but I shall carry on. Travelling up with my Dad and my mate to the game Radio 5 were awash with taks of potential upsets, hardly ever mentioning us s a potential one, I think only once they vaguely alluded to it and quickly moved on.
We'd got to City very early for the match, it wasn't the first time I'd been here, I'd seen Foo Fighters there in the June before but it was good to be going to see what the stadium was for, Football.
A quick lunch from the Asda over the road and a couple of drinks in the ground, and to the seats, in the bitter bitter cold (One of the coldest games I think I've been to)

We know the goals, and if you don't the video in this article will show you them. It was only when we scored the third I actually thought we can do this. I always thought City would come back and get the necessary goals, and then punish us back at ours for having the audacity to think we could beat them. But City were atrocious that day. One of the worst displays I have seen from a side. The defending for Tyson's thunderbolt was woeful, and again as Cohen got the ball cross for Earnshaw's goal. Even at two with the Forest fans delirious, there seemed to be a certain disbelief that a) we were winning easily, but b) that we would continue to do second half.
So it got even better when Hamann forgot that we was no longer playing for Liverpool and should not give the ball to a red shirt clean through on goal, as he did to Gardner. I kissed the build up. I was looking away, in no way thinking that that throw would result in a goal. I did manage to refocus to see the goal though, and all I remember pandemonium at that point. Only then did we believe it was happening. City fans left in their droves. We even rubbed it in by bringing Arron Davies on. The chants were good fun too. "You might be rich, but your f****** S***." being a favourite. The cold temperatures quickly forgotten for what we we saw.
When the final whistle came, because we parked in a dodgy lumber yard car park we legged it to make sure we'rent locked in and so missed the main celebrations. We were firmly quiet on the walk back to the car in case, but by god that smile couldn't be wiped from my face.

I walked into the pub that night back home like I'd won the game myself because I had the bravery to go there when so many mates had already written it off as stupidity. If only ITV had shown more highlights than a cursory quick run through the goals. BBC would have done so!!!