More January Transfer Rumour Madness

I love this, as we fly towards the transfer window opening the speculation and rumours are really coming thick and fast now.

And fresh of the press today is the news that Forest are signing american striker Robbie Findley, and that we have outdone a Premiership team to get him. Wolves were meant to be looking at him, but that we have snaked a deal from them and will sign the free agent.
The news comes directly from Mick McCarthys mouth. And according to Robin Chipperfield's twitter account Forest have refused to comment on the speculation, which is Football langauge for "yes the deals done, we just want every piece of paper signed before announcing"

So what do we know of Findley?
A quick trawl through Soccer 24-7 MLS section reveals nuggets like this
ts definitely a problem. at least villa scored for spain, we got zero goals from our strikers, and we are incredibly thin there. hell, the fact that robbie findley made the squad is a testament to how **** our striking depth is.

That doesn't bode to well. Hopefully they are just trying to lull people into not wanting him. Afterall he was in their World Cup Squad.
Findley is 25 years old, born in Phoenix, Arizona, and recently left Real Salt Lake, he previously played for LA Galaxy. He previously had trials at Brondby in Denmark but was unable to secure a move.