Looks Like Kelvins Off

The rumours that abounded last summer around Kelvin Wilson's future have started to build again. Celtic have been trailing the defender for a while, and it looks increasingly likely that he isn't going to sign a new deal and if we want any money it will be to be a cut down amount in January. Kelvin will be able to sign a pre contract agreement from January onwards, so it's not even a case of hoping we get promoted and then a deal be signed as it looks like any contractual loose ends will have been tied up at Celtic. Neil Lennon has made Wilson his priority target and instructed the Celtic board to secure his signature. And lets be honest Celtic will have deeper pockets than Forest in wage paying capability.

It'll be a real shame to lose a player that we have nurtured back to his best after he struggled at Preston. But my main sentiment is if he doesn't want to be here get ri. Players who aren't happy are just a hindrance. I would dearly love to keep him.

So perhaps the internet rumours that circled about him being not really injured and merely dropped because he's off and we are punishing him are true. Which is a crying shame. He is one of our better players, but like all good players they want to prove themselves at the higher levels.