I Was There... When Des Walker Scored

It's bizarre because most games from back in this era are blurred into one for me.. Standing towards the back on this New Years Day 1992 fixture against Luton, I remember this goal clearly as day still. In fact I remember both goals clearly, with Luton scoring early through a young Mark Pembridge powerful strike.
I would be interested had it been in this era of being able to bet on any aspect of a game what odds you could have got on Walker finally breaking his long standing duck, and scoring his one and only ever goal of a long distinguished career.
Having watched it on the video above and comparing it with my own recollections of the goal form a different angle I still think it showed great aplomb is scoring a good goal. Steve Sutton being in the Luton goal was an irony insofar as his strong connections with Forest (and indeed he was at Luton only on loan from Forest)
As Walker bared on goal and lashed it home, the crowd and players celebrated as if it was the World Cup winning goal. I was standing at the back of the Bridgford End and needless to say I wasn't there much longer. It was late in the game, the dying moments so many had been starting to filter out, and upon seeing we scored rushed back to the front to celebrate. This is a period I used to take a Milk Crate to games, I'm not sure whatever happened to said crate but I wouldn't be taking it home.
I was 10 when this game was on, so couldn't always see things clearly but because a number had filtered out I got to see this very well.
All ina ll a very memorable moment for any Forest fan who was there.