Findley Deal Done

Well, virtually,we need to secure the work permit is the next stage, but the club have now officially announced the deal is done to bring the American international to Nottingham.
Since the story broke we have been able to gather more information about our new striker. Gathering intel from our MLS forum the following quotes appear
He's all pace and no finish. Incredibly fast (as shown above he ripped "Carra" a new ******* and he was last man and should have been sent off), but he lacks the nose of a goalscorer.

I tend to be less critical of him than most around here since he reminds me of myself as a player: all pace and no technique (I was a better finisher than he was though...); but in saying that, he still has a LOT to improve on.

He's one of the fastest players in MLS--but his play can be slowed down by his decision making.

Perhaps with different coaches and a different, more demanding setting this can be improved on--but I think most people will be a bit surprised if he does. Think the Championship would be a good fit for him though since he can use his speed to greater effect.

So we appear to have signed Marlon Harewood's American equivalent. Let's hope this finishing problem is something thats overblown. Afterall he was third top goalscorer in MLS and you don't do that by accident (though Andrea Silenzi was once Serie A top scorer....)
Anyway welcome to Robbie, and lets hope this is a good deal for the Reds. And may signal a good January of transfers.