The Case for and against...Guy Moussi

In the second of our series where we get fans from our forum to give their impressions on those players that divide fan opinion. This time, French midfielder Guy Moussi gets the treatments

The Case For Guy Moussi
Forest 008
"Personally I love Moussi.
He gets stuck in all the time, and often makes some crunching tackles to break up the play, which is his main job being a defensive midfielder.
However, I would like him to get an advanced role every so often, especially when playing away, as he has proved over the past two seasons that he can come up with the goals.
His passing and distribution could be improved no doubt, but I think he is a key part of our team, and an excellent signing for £350k from Angers.
If we signed a winger then there is no doubt that especially when playing away from home I would love to see him as our defensive midfielder in a 5 man midfield ahead of McKenna.
But that wont happen. Cracking Player, could make it in the Prem IMO, just get his Distribution and touch worked on and he will be a quality player."

Manic Loop
"Well when hes on fire there are times ive seen Moussi play insightful killer balls through. He's never going to be the footballing "quarterback" pinging balls into the wingers from deep. And we shouldn't even begin to compare him with top level footballers. Churlish to do so when we arent a top level team. For the level he is a good player on his day to break up the play. Rememebr his part in the Majewski goal at West Brom, integral, it shows he can play, he does have vision."

"Moussi is a quality footballer who has been the victim of injuries/being left out of the side.
I think the idea of him giving away possession is absoloute rubbish, I would love to see statistics but he retains the ball very, very well for my money. He manaouvers the ball well in tight spaces and picks out red shirts. I don't see that he 'panics' etc - I think he just has a very 'unique' style which can be mis-interperated.
His positional play is brilliant and allows him to break up attacks and his pure physical presence provides us another dimension in the middle of the park. I really think had he been able to settle in with a midfield partner and play consistant runs of games we would be looking at one of the best players we have had in years.
As it is, I think he needs a move - He will go somewhere else and be a fantastic success. It's a real shame, I think had McKenna not come in, Moussi would have proved to be just as good as him last season, if not better."

The Case Against Guy Moussi
"Well as most folks know I don't rate the guy. I have been one of them fans that just never got the hype with him and thought I was missing something.
The talk of him being a Premiership player is laughable, absolutely laughable. Moussi gives the ball away far too much and while people say he is a good tackler, he is normally winning balls back that he has lost. If Moussi gives the ball away in the Premiership like he does in this league, when he is playing players like Fabregas, Arteta, Bale etc. they will think Christmas had come early. In the Premiership you can't afford to give possession away so cheaply against the world's best players. I often say Moussi gives the ball away more times than a ball boy during a match.
Moussi is also far too inconsistent to succeed in the Premiership. You can't afford to have players who are good one week, useless the next especially when they're supposed to be holding the midfield up - I know some could say well Nani, Babel, Walcott etc. are inconsistent and they play for top PL teams but in all honesty they're a different kettle of fish in their ability to Moussi.
His distribution and passing is woeful. I largely pin that down to how he doesn't think about what he is actually doing - it's almost as if he panics when the ball comes his way. If Moussi actually took the time to hold the ball up and look for his man like Mckenna does, this aspect of his game would improve no end. It's not as if he doesn't have the strength or ability to hold the ball up. As it stands Moussi gets the ball and hits it anywhere. Sometime it finds his man, a lot of the time it finds the opposition.
Now Moussi has his good moments and games don't get me wrong. In fact a mate of mine said at Cardiff, when Moussi plays well the whole team plays well - although my counter argument to that is when Moussi is having a good game, we aren't giving the ball away half as much and relying on the defence to bail him out.
If Moussi wants to come close to succeeding at the very top, he needs to get the basics like passing, calmness etc. to an excellent standard. For now, he'll remain mid-table/lower Championship class. I believe there are people out there who can do his job much better for us and if we can sign them, I wouldn't even bother re-signing Moussi in the summer."

trickie trees
"I am a bit on the fence with him. On his day he is a true midfield enforcer but I agree with Manic that he can be woeful too. Where he really lacks is in his distribution and control. Unfortunately that is difficult to teach once you are well into your 20's. He also appears injury prone. Havin said that I would keep him because he does a good job as a squad player and I think he can still improve. He ain't ever going to be the new Patrick Viera though."

Manic Loop
"Moussi is the most inconsitent player we have. They guy is a total enigma. You never know which Moussi is starting a game. Theres no two ways about he never has a so so game, hes either pathetic or brilliant. We can't ever take that risk of a pathetic performance, because it will cost us and for that reason we don't need him
He is alo by reports immensely stupid. Which never helps. Case in point scoring when on a booking and jumping in the crowd was a very foolish thing last season against Barnsley and underlines the riskiness of this loose cannon.
There are better options out there, people who did the Mikel destoryer role better. Moussi is not a plyer for a team with premier aspirations, hes served his role well in our transition from league one to champo, but his time is up."

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