Preston in the Cup

There are few more depressing things than getting such a bland draw in the cup. Preston away. It's neither glamorous or a nailed on cert of a win. We aren't going to win this thing, but I'd at least like to go to a big team, or pound some also ran 6-0. Not possibly limp to a draw against some other team from our division. We've had this all too often in the past. A cup run would be quite nice actually.
Think of the elation of when we beat Man City at theirs. I'd like that again. There is the whole build up of when we played Chelsea only to be absolutely rubbish and embarrassing on TV, but hey I got free drinks for that game for wearing a Forest shirt to the pub (failed to get tickets)
So no doubt we will travel up there and have another depressing cold rubbish day. i won't be there. I'll be on a ski slope in Andorra so enjoy that one folks. I've been to Preston and that ground is a grim neck of the woods.