My Favourite Players.... Trickie Trees

Another of our forum members picks his favourite players to have played in the garibaldi red. This time trickie trees chooses.

Player number 5.
Nigel Clough.
1984 - 1993 - 301 App. 101 goals.
Our number 9 as Cloughie senior called him. With Nigel going to the sheep to manage I think we sometimes forget what a Forest legend he was. As his stats show he could definately score goals and he played during some of our most succesful times post the European / 1st Division championship side. Clough was never the quickest but he was very intelligent, could pick a pass and score goals. He was also passionate about Forest. I remember the season we went down seeing us lose 2-1 away at Villa and him bouncing the ball off one of stands after the game in pure frustration.

Player number 4.
Roy Keane.
1990 - 1993 - 114 App. 22 goals.
Keane took over from Steve Hodge who had been a Forest legend and England player. He was only a lad when he started with us but boy could he play. If he had stayed with us longer he would probably be higher up my list. Having seen him play when at Forest I was immediately struck by his pace. Not something he is noted for when at Man Utd as I think he was more box to box when he was with us. As well as quick he was extremely athletic and for someone relatively slight of frame was a ferocious tackler even as a youngster. As shown by his stats he could score goals aswell.

Player number 3.
Stanley Victor Collymore
1993 - 1995 - 65 App. 41 goals
For the relatively short time he was at Forest he was one of the most exciting players I have ever seen. As soon as he got the ball any where on the pitch the hairs on the back of your neck would stand up and the crowd's anticipation would rise. He could pick up the ball anywhere and run with the ball quicker than most defenders could without the ball. He could also score goals left footed and right footed from all angles of the pitch. He could have been an England regular but after he left Forest his career was never quite the same and he had many well publicised off the field problems.

Player number 2.
1984 - 1992 - App 264 Goals 1 2002 -2004 App 57 Goals 0
As the crowd would chant "You'll never beat Des Walker". One of the best central defenders I have seen anywhere never mind just Forest. Des was lightening quick and a very clean tackler. He rarely put a foot wrong or mis-timed a tackle. He often played with Steve Chettle who was a solid pro but Des would often spend his time clearing up around lesser defenders such as Steve and played almost as a kind of sweeper. He was able to do this as he was incredibly quick and could read the game exceptionally well. Gutted when he moved on and was never replaced effectively. As his record shows he didn't score many goals except his infamous own goals in the FA cup final & Play off semi. He obviously wasn't at his best in his second spell but still showed quality and composure and was invaluable in developing Michael Dawson's defending. A Forest legend with out a doubt.

Player number 1.
1985 - 1997 App 401 Goals 63
An absolute legend was Psycho. Who I modelled myself on as a player (and failed drastically). The man was built like a brick sh*t house, thighs of thunder. He played when men were men. If you were tackled by Psycho you new about it. In the same way that crowd excitement raised when Collymore got the ball the excitement was developed when Psycho made a run down the wing or made a 50-50 challenge which he would always win. The thing I remember of Psyscho was his pure passion for football & the club. He breathed it & got the fans in the ground equally passionate. Never been a player like Psycho at Forest to get the crowd going like he did. He could also smack a wicked free kick & I was fortunate enough to see many of them. With the crack down on the physical aspects of the game Psycho probably would have to play in a different way these days but he would have been good enough to adapt. A true legend and the best Forest player I have seem.