Forget El Clasico...

Who cares about some trumped up rivalry between a couple of two bit foreign teams. The real action come Monday night on Sky Sports will see the Reds go to Crisp Bowl to take on Leicester.
Perfect timing really with Forest coming off the back of an away win, and what with Lewis "Hollywood" McGugan, who always seems to perform when the cameras are in town, I can't help thinking this is perfect timing.
The only bad side really of course is the news Dexter Blackstock is out for a long time. A Long long long time. Probably at least a year according to those who know.
It's not a proper Derby, at the end of the day we don't care as much about this game as the Derby, but there are still bragging rights to be had. My friend works near Leicester and he is desperate for the win.
So forget Barca-who? and Really? Madrid, Leicester and Sky Sports 2 will be where the really passionate match is.