Billy Davies, the Part Time Manager

And so the expose by Daniel Taylor for the Guardian has exposed that Billy Davies is working essentially 3 day weeks and that Nigel Doughty is somewhat unhappy about this.
I can't help wonder what Billy Davies thinks he's doing here. At loggerheads frequently with the board anyway, this new twist to the ever evolving tale of the fall out between manager and board is perplexing. Just why does Billy think he can get away with this?
If I were to start telling my boss I don't fancy showing up half the time, and flying upto Glasgow then I wouldn't be in a job very long. More so people would think it a very foolish act. Yet in the world mr Mr Davies this is perfectly acceptable way to run a football club.
I know that the Davies family have had the problems with illness, and then Billy merely wants to be with his family but if this making him unable to do the tasts allocated to him by his boss, then surely he should have made this clear or resigned.
Davies also launched another scathing attack on the board after saturday's match, and I can't help but wonder if Davies is trying to get sacked and get a nice pay off and look the victim. That is all I can think is that is he's trying to do because otherwise its career suicide. Attacking the people who pay your wages whilst not doing what your paid to do is not clever, and its not brain surgery to realise this might lead to you being unemployed.
I can only think its also Davies trying to save face. He points out the board haven't been able to get the players he wants. Well maybe his targets weren't ever achievable. We only have other peoples words that Pratley and Whittingham wanted to come to this club. I have not seen a single quote from either player suggesting they wanted to move. So perhaps these deals were never on in the first place.
Also, and here's what annoys me, is the management style. When he first arrived Davies questioned the squads ability, called them "babies" and needed improving. He got the best out this bunch by questioning them if they are capable, which they duly answered and proved they were. Then last season he said in the first half of the season, this is a 2 year plan, and we don't want to go up, taking the pressure off, but also making the players prove they were capable of getting to the top. When they were up there then Billy starts saying we need stellar players to get us up. Everyone refers to Shorey, but Shorey did not want to sign permanently, so this is where the argument gets silly. Davies surely knows the player didn't want to commit long term to a Championship club, so why bring it up? Also the fact he's saying we need players for the push to get us up, the players who have thus far proved him wrong must now question, well we've proved him wrong so far, what now? It can't breed a good atmosphere when your constantly being told you aren't good enough, yet you are proving they are good enough.
And that's why Davies has recently really bothered me. Someone like O'Neill takes average or good players, and makes them think they are world class, that they are better than what they are. The team becomes more than the sum of its parts, much like the Clough teams. Davies constantly tells them they aren't good enough and wants them to prove they are, which only works so far before it breaks their morale.
So couple this with hardly being there apparently, and when he does he bemoans and says this that and the other its no surprise that the team flatter to deceive. The away form confuses me the most. We simply seem unable to perform as well away from home, and have conceded many goals from set pieces. Stuff that a manager should be working on in training. I know people will point out that the coaches or David Kelly could and will be doing this, but it's not the football managers place to delegate. He needs to be there to see how the players are doing himself.
When Davies was appointed, this wasn't a jobshare contract or a part time one, yet he is treating this job like, and treating us fans and the club with contempt in doing so. If he can't give his all then Davies should resign, walk away whilst his integrity has something less. His reputation of being awkward is going to before him now in any job he wants. Ok his track record speaks of success, but at what price? Davies has burned his bridges twice before, and it seems has done so at the City Ground. Why? Is he a power monger who must have complete control. I'd argue it seems that way to a certain degree. He bemoans the transfer panel, but that existed before Billy Davies tenure and will exist after. That's not something sprung on him, so he cannot complain about its existence. The fact he wanted a scouting network in Scotland always somewhat confused me, perhaps it was a cover for his frequent trips home to north of the border.
All in all I think Mr Davies has finally seen the last thread begin to snap. His last tirades suggest all is not well, This story coming out now suggests a lot more isn't well, and in my humble opinion, its now time for Billy to end his role as Forest manager. That or commit full time to the job he signed up for and stop moaning at every opportunity to the press. That I can't see happening, so Mr Nigel Doughty needs to bring this whole sorry scenario to its logical conclusion and sack Davies.