Radio Nottingham Match Day is About to be Unlistenable

Oh dear me. It was bad enough when mansfield had Carlton Palmer, or indeed for that matter when e had Joe Kinnear as manager, but Notts County are appointing Paul "guv'nor" Ince as their manager.
The interviews are going to be horrible as we get to listen as to why he is so great and wonderful. Of course Forest fans have a happy and cosy atmosphere with Paul Ince. The mighty chant s of Paul Ince is a mardy c*nt are still well remembered by all, because they were so soundly spot on.
And now we have to listen to him, every week. I wonder how he will take to the unique interview style of Colin Slater with his make a statement and you agree or disagree style that he has (and so annoys myself)
Thankyou County, for ruining my weekends.