Progress Report...10 Games in

10 games into the season and let’s see how things have gone.

First off many of the doom mongers saying we would be relegated with such a limited set of players have largely been proven wrong. This is refreshing. We lie in a handy position to be able to attack the top of the division. We have also played a few of the better teams in the division, though the battles against QPR and Cardiff are still to come and will prove how good the various challengers are.
The one area I have been disappointed in is the inability of the midfield to be able to take their chances in the team. Majewski and McGugan I am looking at you. It needs one of these two to really step up the plate and do well week in week out. McGugan is starting to do that, but it’s every other game or so that he shows up. We need every game if we are to go up.
Majewski has been a big let down for me so far. He just isn’t looking the player he did last season.
Up front, well it’s frustrating again with injuries, but the strikers have all looked bright. Even Adebola has looked better than he did last season.
In the midfield, McGugan and Majewki have been discussed, but now McKenna seems to be past his tricky patch of form he had. Cohen hasn’t been as good as last year yet, but I have faith in him coming good. The wingers have been as they were last year. Anderson still often fails to give a final delivery to what he should be able to.
Defensively it’s nice to have a recognised left back again. And he is playing well, but we need to forward plan for beyond January when we may or may not lose Bertrand. Wilson and Morgan have carried on from last seasons form, and Gunter as always is mostly good prone to silly errors or even sillier bouts of aggression. He needs to curtail his short temper.
Camp remains solid and there can be no complains there.
The fact we have only lost once, to a relegated team from the Premier League is as good a sign as we can stand up to anyone in this division. I would like to have had two maybe three more wins in those drawn games, but at least we aren’t losing them. Clean sheets have been few and far between, and these would be welcome, it’d turn our draws to wins for a start.
I’d say we are most of the way to having a team that can finish high up again. There are a few things that at times just don’t click. The lack of a plan B in some games. Against Sheffield United we had a plan B. Hoof it to Dele and it made us look better. We need to know that some games we have to try and win ugly. Not every game can be pretty passing.
I’d also beg for more fan patience at times. The fans quickly demand action and to attack at all times. We are not Arsenal, patient build up play is needed, and if that means going backwards to retain possession then so be it.

I m optimistic for the rest of the season. We have created a team that is very hard to beat, and that’s the first step. Now we need to win more.