International Weeks Might Be the Most Bland Thing Ever.

When we do play again against Barnsley that will have been 2 weeks without a game. And just when things where starting to get interesting.
The worst aspect of it is that it comes sandwiched by two away games. Which makes things all the more tedious.
A few years ago we still had transfers to potentially talk about, and although there is still the loan market, this isn't nearly as interesting, and anyway we all know there will be nothing happening there anyway, We are also conditioned to a lack of much activity now that IF a transfer did occur I think it would blow our minds to be fair.
Put it a few years ago then we used to sign somebody just about every week in those days. When you look at the breakdown of who played what game every week it always seems there was fresh blood coming. Having said that, this is mostly when we struggled so maybe its not a good thing.
Those 3 years in League 1 had us tuned to the idea that international breaks were a sign of stature. We had a week off because we had U-21 Irish internationals, and the other teams didn't. This underlines why we are better. It was a mindset that of course that was wildly inaccurate.
Anyway then we could monitor what our opponents without internationals were at least up to. We don't have even that option anymore. We all have the 2 weeks off.
It's also worse that England don't play until tonight.That will have been 10 days without a game featuring a side that I care about. Oh people have said why not watch WAles and see how Gunter gets on, but truth is I don't are. I'd rather he didn't play, save himself for us, which he did by getting himself suspended for next time. Good work there Chris. And I simply can't even watch U-21 football without being bored to tears.
They say a week is a long time in football. A lot can change... When you have 2 weeks and nothing happens it seems even longer.