My Favourite Away Day...Forest 008

With the game being on a Friday night, it made it that much sweeter, booked the day off college, and went out at about 9 in the morning on the piss. The drinks were flowing, and we were mixing drinks too, plenty of vodka, carling and strongbow being downed, and by the time it was ready to depart we were totally hammered.

Again travelling on the supporters coach, which is so boring, and would probably sober up, but as a lot of people do, we sneaked drinks on, putting vodka in with coke etc etc to keep us going 'till we got to the Hawthorns.

Arrived at the Hawthorns with about an hour and a half to go, so decided to head to the nearest pub, and yes we were underage, but already boozed up so confidence was high, and getting served in that pub was brilliant. But what was more brilliant, was that we were going up to the bar, and we werent paying, we must of gone up 4 or 5 times and once we had our drinks, they didnt bother asking for the money!

At this point it was about 7.45pm so decided to head off to the game finally, totally hammered, and watching the game from the back of the stand was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, and what came after I dont think any Forest fan expected.

We played some magnificent football, and took the lead through Blackstock in the first half, ( I though lee camp had scored I was that drunk).

Second Half continued and when Chris Gunter went on a surging run and crossed the ball deep we thought the attack was over, but when Radi hit that ball, and it whistled into the back of the net, on the volley aswel, the full 3,000 allocation forest fans went wild! It was one of the best goals from a Forest player in years, and when Chris Cohen added to that shortly after it was truly incredible.

At this point we were still Unbeaten Away all season, and many thought that Promotion was on the cards.

Was a fantastic day, and one of the best performances I have ever seen, and one of the best results.

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