James Perch....Good Business?

Having watched at the weekend James Perch desperate dive for the ball to clear it, but merely glance it into his own net to give Stoke the three points against his new club Newcastle, I was immediately reminded why I was so glad to see the back of him.
Perch fans always remind us of his 11% commitment, of which there is no doubt. I on the other hand also give 110% when I play football, and I am an extremely limited footballer. Not that I am comparing myself to Perch, all I am saying is that effort and dedication can only take you so far.
And yet with Perch it has taken him to the Premier League. Where he has been booked for five games running, and had he also added a yellow card to his own goal he would have had the ignominy of being the first man to go 6 matches in succession being booked.
Perch of course was a great proponent of the slide tackle. A skill which demands excellent timing. All well and good in lower reaches of the football league pyramid, but in the Premier League it seems maybe he has met his match,
Perch never made any position his own, a jack of all trades, master of none. This was possibly why he could not cement a place in the Forest team, yet one of our reserves did enough to get his move to a Premier League right back. Is this we have such a strong right back? Possibly so, but Perch spent as much of his life at Forest laying in the centre of midfield, a position he presumably stands no chance of getting into at Newcastle barring an injury run.
Davies insists he knew nothing of the Perch deal, but would he really turn down a nice figure for a sub who was reportedly upset he wasn't allowed to move in January. No doubt his wages will have doubled, maybe more at Newcastle, and who would begrudge anyone a bigger pay day?
So was the supposed figure of £1.5million a good fee? I would certainly say yes. When Perch left most f us were bemused that he had the move move up the League. Fair play to the lad, he always tries, and he always gave his all, and there is no doubting his efforts are being rewarded. I just ponder if that effort and dedication will ultimately be enough.