No More Manish: The Football League Highlights Move to Channel 5

No More Clem Claridge and Manish

Don’t know how many people have heard but Channel 5 announced they have secured the Football league highlights. There will be numerous benefits to this.

1. Hopefully (as he will be contracted to BBC) it will mean no more Manish. A little unfair as he’s not a bad host, but a Leicester fan looking smug can never be good.

2. No more Claridge. This is an undoubted benefit

3. No more Clem. He was pointless anyway, with his annoying camp little articles.

4. A less horrific time slot. It has been slated for a 9pm start


1. Adverts. There will be lots of adverts.

2. It is an unknown. I for one quite enjoyed the set up of the show. Remember other channels attempts with highlights shows? It could be like that.

3. It might clash with MOTD

4. It certainly clashes with Pub o’clock. At least FLS would come on when (perhaps) getting home.


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